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First Steps Nursery Newsletter.
Date: 9th May 2017.

Dear Parent/Carers,
As summer approaches, please ensure your child brings in sun cream and sun hat please.

The  nursery has a facebook page up and running for all of those parent/Carers whose child attends. The page is private and so only those invited to the page can view the post and photographs. Its a great way to show you all what the children have been doing each week as well as lots of other information on there. Please search for 'first StepsNursery, all year round care for 2-5 year olds and afterschool'

The dinosaur land in the corner of the nursery that the children have been building is elvoving each and every day, The children are very motivated and totally engaged with this area and its so good to see them add their own ideas and learn whilst having fun.

There have been several virus's going around, if your child is ill please keep them away from nursery until there are well enough to return. Lets see if we can knock these bugs on the head.

Remember we operate an open door policy so please feel free to come along and meet the team anytime.


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